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Conferencing at Cresta Hotels

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Conferences are an important part of the day-to-day business of Cresta Hotels, which is why all of our hotels in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe offer conference facilities of varying shapes and sizes and why we at Cresta spend so much time focusing on perfecting our conference business.

The Cresta philosophy on conferencing is simple: provide conference guests with bright, comfortable, well-appointed and well-serviced conference venues and ensure the total experience is a good one – from the meeting venue and equipment to the catering, facilities and amenities.

It is also never forgotten that the social aspect of conferencing is as important as the business features, and that pre- and post- conference social interaction is of fundamental importance to the organisers. Whether this is a one-on-one interaction over coffee on a terrace or in a garden, or a glittering banquet event or reception, we aim to provide the best solution for the social need.

In all of this we aspire to be second-to-none, and we feel confident that the Cresta conference offering is competitive, compelling and convenient. We have staff dedicated solely to the purpose of serving conference guests and making sure their Cresta experience is both memorable and pleasing. Our conference rates are competitive and our venues are consistently rated highly in feedback sought from the guests. Our venues are continuously upgraded and we seek to add value wherever we can.

We invest time, effort and money in ensuring the conference options are as efficiently and effectively presented and handled, and that we offer the same kind of state-of-the-art facilities as organisers would get elsewhere – even in more developed parts of the world.

Many of our conference venues are in urban or suburban environments, close to business operations and decision-makers. Others are in locations that offer unrivalled opportunities for outside-the-conference enjoyment and excitement (think especially of Cresta Mowana and Cresta Sprayview!). In days gone by it was sufficient to have a meeting room in which discussions could take place, training could be undertaken or brainstorming could be facilitated. Today, conferences of all kinds need technological support to ensure maximum input and output, from LCD projection and quality sound, to lighting and Wi-Fi connectivity, instant and continuous.

We have created special conference venues at Cresta Lodge in Gaborone and Cresta Lodge in Harare (the recently launched Cresta Sango conference centre) and at Cresta Golfview in Lusaka. In each of their markets these venues are recognised as leaders in their field of service.

We at Cresta offer conference guests a warm welcome and a good result.

Glenn Stutchbury Chief Executive Officer, Cresta Hotel Group

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