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Mota-Engil Angola Foundations and Geothecnics Department with significant order book

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The department of foundations and geotechnics of Mota-Engil Angola, which began operations in 2006, has a significant order book. 


With a presence in various provinces in Angola, it currently has 49 staff, with three large-diameter drilling teams, two small-diameter drilling teams and three geotechnical teams.

The main areas of work are:

- Peripheral containment

- Foundation piles

- Geological-geotechnical prospecting 

Of the various projects in progress, we highlight the following:

- Waling frames in anchored diaphragm wall:  Edifício Galáxia, Hotel Chik Chik and Cidadela Towers

- Anchored pile walls: Solar Bikuku and National Oncology Centre

- Foundation piles: Dinette Building, Oscar Ribas University and the Cidadela Towers (this last with 10,000 metres of 1,000 mm diameter piles)

Within the scope of the Bay of Luanda renovation project, the geotechnical area has been developing a geological-geotechnical study since 2012 for all the parcels reclaimed from the sea, where new centres will arise in the future.

Also within the area of geotechnics, the department monitors all the containments in progress, with the installation of load cells and inclinometers, using as a basis the working projects prepared by the MEEC Office of Foundations and Geotechnics. There are also regular programs of tests for the physical integrity of piles and cross-hole tests for construction entities and partner companies, with the support of the Geotechnical Department.

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